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Epoxy Countertops

Restore your countertops with epoxy. Quick, long-lasting and affordable option that rejuvenates your existing countertops.

Restore your old countertops with epoxy flooring

Do you want to freshen up your countertops? Whether it be inside,outside, kitchen, or bar tops, Upstate Epoxy will design one for you! This can be installed over pre-existing or brand new countertops, and looks great in any home.

Custom made epoxy bar and countertops have been gaining popularity amongst Saratoga homeowner, thanks to their durability, amazing looks and budget friendly installation costs.

Before and after kitchen countertops

See how we can transform your concrete surfaces from tired looking ones to stunning brand new ones.

Epoxy Countertops Benefits

Epoxy countertops and bar tops are suitable not only for residential kitchens and bathroom vanities, but also for countertops in classrooms, research areas, university, hospital, chemical and biomedical labs, restaurants, bars, office desks and more.

Easy to clean

Mold and bacteria development is limited with epoxy since it provides a non-porous surface. Epoxy countertops can be cleaning with nearly any cleaning agent.


You may place a hot pan or dish on an epoxy countertop without worrying about it being damaged. They provide resistance from stains and chemicals as well.

Long lasting

When properly installed, epoxy countertops provide a long-lasting and robust surface. Their non-porous structure makes them resistant to moisture. The material is also heat resistant.

Food Safe

Thanks to its non-porous surface, no bacteria is able to get trapped underneath the surface. The epoxy that we use, once cured is 100% food safe.

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Whether you are planning to restore your concrete floors at home or you have a large commercial flooring project in mind, we cater for any size flooring projects. Give us a call or email us to find more about our services or to request a FREE floor estimate for your project.

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